– UPDATED! – Receivable Protection Program (RPP) – Draft of Proposed HHGFAA Program
Draft EDI 859 Invoicing Specifications for DPS/PowerTrack
Major changes from previously posted version:

1) The verbiage in the first RED section describing what articles are “required” to be listed on this form. High Risk articles are also “allowed” on this form and it is encouraged to list the high risk items to assist in reducing the claims liability.

2) Statement at the bottom above where the member signs at delivery. It now includes the statement regarding the importance of ‘initialing’ receipt of the items. Use of initials, not just check marks, is MANDATORY to avoid liability for missing items
Families First Damage AT Delivery Claim Form
Families First Damage AFTER Delivery Claim Form
NTS Performance Bond Statement
HHGFAA Comments on proposed Requirement for NTS Performance Bond
Federal Register Notice – NTS Warehouse Performance Bond
Federal Register Notice – NTS Increased Firearm Security
Families First IPR Slides – 6-12-07
DPS Newsletter – June 5, 2007
GAO Report – DPS/FF – May 2007
GSA/TSP Partnership Meeting Minutes – May 3, 2007
ETA Log-In Process for DPS
HHGFAA Comments on Full Replacement Valuation – April 3, 2007
HHGFAA Comments on Full Replacement Valuation – April 3, 2007 (Attachment #1)
HHGFAA Comments on Full Replacement Valuation – April 3, 2007 (Attachment #2)
REGULATORY ALERT: Your Responsibilities & Liabilities as a
HHG Forwarder/Mover under the TSA Air Cargo Security Program
HHGFAA Families First Primer
Joint AMSA & HHGFAA Letter to General Schwartz, USTRANSCOM
How to obtain a Dun and Bradstreet Number (DUNS)
Additional Industry Alerts ::
Alan F. Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund Letter of Intent Donation Form
SDDC Report to Congress – “Reevaluation of Cost Estimate for DoD Families First Program”
Non-Manufactured Wood Regulations – ISPM 15 ::
Operating Procedures for Trade Community Regarding
Implementation of the Wood Packaging Materials (WPM) Regulation
APHIS: FINAL RULE (USA) Solid Wood Packing Materials Rule – Fed. Register Sept. 16, 2004

Int’l Guidelines for Solid Wood Packing Materials

Wood Packaging Materials – Import/Export Information