Welcome to the Government / Military Home Page of the Household Goods Forwarder’s Association of America, Inc. HHGFAA, the moving and forwarding industry‚Äôs largest global trade association, is a union comprised of auditing, forwarding, moving, and shipping companies located in over 160 countries.

The government and the respective branches of the military are an integral and important part of the global moving and forwarding industry. This portion of the HHGFAA web page is dedicated to the collection and dissemination of information that revolves around governmental and military entities directly involved in, and/or pertinent to the moving and forwarding industry.

This portal is your resource to find the virtual homes and addresses of the various governmental departments, branches and offices. In addition, checking this page regularly will keep you up to date concerning regulatory changes and legislative actions. Our goal is clear, concise and pertinent delivery of information and resources. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have comments on how to improve our objective.