Moving your VCR, DVD player and/or stero system requires some preparation which will help protect the system from physical and mechanical damage during the moving process. Before you move, such equipment, make sure that it is functioning properly and remove all tapes, CDs and/or DVDs from the respective units. Upon completion of this task, unplug each unit and secure the electrical cord
before packing.

It is always preferable to pack electronic equipment in its original shipping packaging. If the original shipping packaging is not available, use a sturdy carton that is large enough to house the item. The carton should provide sufficient room to accommodate packing materials on all four sides. Pack the unit securely in the carton, by using packing peanuts and/or bubble wrap. Use a quality packing tape to seal the carton.

Depending on the type of CD/DVD player you have, the removal of a multi-disk cartridge is recommended. Wrap the cartridge, remote, and any additional accessories individually and place them into the carton along with the unit. It is also a good idea to place all of the wiring that accompanies the unit into the same box that way there will be less chance of confusing wires ones you are ready to set up your system.

In addition, you should try to transport the CDs/DVDs in their original cases. This will help you locate them once you arrive at your new home.